Manchester 2014

OutSailing Manchester with The Albert Kennedy Trust 12th July 2014

Hollingworth Lake, Rochdale

The group were excited, but some were nervous. C and I met the group at the train station: there were four young people, an AKT volunteer and a worker.

We were lucky to have near perfect conditions, sun and a light to moderate breeze. The young people sailed Picos, while I sailed a Laser 2000 with the leaders and C took photos from the safety-boat.

The group were all over the lake, so I asked them to follow us and directed them to sail follow-my-leader. It got a bit too much for H, sailing a Pico on her own – she was slightly petrified! So I got her into the L2000 which she was soon happy to helm. She said it was “exciting”. G found it “really enjoyable” and L took to it really well, “Once I got the hang of ropes then everything was plain sailing!” And all said they were keen to try sailing again.

We all kayaked in the afternoon, giving us the opportunity to be together as a group. They all enjoyed paddling and playing games and one person found this to be more fun than sailing. The day was a great success. The group and leaders said they had all had a great day and were very thankful to us for making the day possible.

Later, we had a message from H to say a big thank you to OutSailing for providing the funding and opportunity for the group. For one young man, it turned out to be a momentous day, as it gave him the confidence to take a very positive step forward in his life.

C did a great job of building a good rapport with the young people and staff. I couldn’t have managed the day without him!