Brighton 2014

OutSailing Brighton with Allsorts, 30th August 2014

Lagoon Watersports, Brighton Marina

Working in conjunction with Allsorts Youth Group (an organisation supporting disadvantaged LGBT young people from Brighton), we held the first Brighton OutSailing event on 30 August at Lagoon Watersports at Brighton Marina.

Seven young people and one member of staff, as well as J from OutSailing took part on a very blustery day.  The group travelled up to the marina by minibus and after the obligatory McDonalds breakfast muffin, we pulled on our oilies and set about rigging up the two Sigma keelboats that we would be sailing for the day.

Once out of Brighton marina, the sailing novices were met by some really bouncy and testing conditions. Despite this, and that two of the group (including the leader) were ‘re-visiting’ their McDonalds, everyone returned back to base, exhilarated and grinning from ear to ear.

Over lunchtime, the weather worsened and eventually the afternoon sailing was called off.  Lagoon Watersports instructors kept us entertained by organising knot-tying competitions and showed us how to de-rig the boats. They also gave us a tour of the marina by boat. Not quite the sailing experience that everyone was hoping for, but a relaxing time out on the water nevertheless.

Since the event, J has returned to Allsorts to talk with two of the participants who are keen to find out how to get more involved with sailing.

Quotes from the young people about the event:

“The opportunity to have a go with something that I would never have had a chance to was the best part about the sailing trip.  Besides that I thoroughly enjoyed being on the sea and learning about sailing.”

“I learned different types of knots and how to sail plus some new friendships and bonds.” 

“I’d recommend it to my 85 year old nan if she wasn’t scared of sailing!”

“One of the better experiences of the trip was being out on the water, feeling free.” 

“It was amazing! I would like to go again but I’d warn people not to go on a boat with me in case I’m sick on them, haha!”